More than 60 years of experience.
8:30am - 5pm
Monday to Friday

Our Unique Approach

Discovery of Goals

• Collaborate About Key Objectives
• Identify & Agree Upon a Solution Path

Comprehensive Needs Evaluation

• Request for Information (RFI)
• Complete & Wholistic Review to Determine Needs

Establish Project Plan

• Develop Plan to Execute Solution Path
• Establish Timeline for Project Plan

Collaboration on Solution

• Collaborate with Strategik Partners on Best Solutions to Meet Company Needs

Design Integrated Solution

• Have a “Working Session ” to Identify the Desired Design Integrated Solution

Expectations & Implementation

• Set Expectations and Implement the Agreed Upon Solution
• Conduct a Post Implementation Meeting to Review the Good and Areas for Improvement

Celebrate & Review

• Review Solutions & Processes
• Celebrate Efficiency, Benefits, & Profits

Why Are We Different?

Whenever we are asked: “What makes you different?” The answer is easy: We focus on collaborating with you and your team to build excellent custom solutions that fit your needs perfectly and maximize your profits.

We know that successful businesses grow in complexity. Strategik Partners provides clarity. Our approach to your business needs is disciplined with a commitment to communication and collaboration.

We’ve developed several very specific strategic partnerships with providers. Those partnerships allow us to offer products and services that very few other benefits consultants are able to offer.

In addition, our diversity and variety of partnerships allow us to custom build packages for you that no one else can build.

Many benefits consultants have specific products and policies that they seek to sell or push, but because of our unique partnerships and relationships, we don’t need to do that.

We have the liberty to truly focus on building exactly whatever you need to streamline your processes, bring clarity to complex problems, equip you to attract top talent, and ultimately maximize your business’ bottom line. Very few others function the way we do, therefore few can provide what we provide with the utmost of excellence that we can deliver.